Walter + Vivien // Perth Wedding

Alright. This post is one near to my heart.

Vivien and I met several years ago during our penniless student life, one that eventually led us to a part time job at an IT fair. We bonded over a work incident which left her and our friends in tears, but inevitably brought us closer together. She is extremely loyal (right down to standing up (and crying) for her friends whenever they are bullied), a great listener (someone who will sit right next to you and listen to you the entire evening), and absolutely hilarious – often at the expense of herself. Her laugh and smile are contagious – which you may notice. She is a lady of strength and inspiration. Someone whom I had the privilege to watch mature to who she is today – a believer, wife and everything amazing.

Which makes it only fitting that she married Walter, a man who clearly appreciates and adores all of these characteristics. I love how they play off each other. How their thoughtfulness mirrors each other. A man whom I can only shower praises of. Intelligent, gentle and kind are just three of a long list of traits I will name before this line takes up the entire page. In essence, I could not be more delighted that they found each other.

Their wedding was a wonderfully simple day. A celebration of them. It was an evening of testimonies by their friends and families - which brought gales of laughter and buckets of tears. Testimonies that honoured their past, the obstacles they had overcome to be there and to celebrate how they were each other’s person.

I adore you two and your love for each other so much Walter and Vivien. Thank you for sharing the day with me. For being so carefree and hopelessly enamoured. You two are an inspiration.