Chao Zhang + Hwa Hiang // Bali

Dear Pal,

If there is anyone who is feeling nervous, apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what lies ahead, it has to be Chao Zhang. Because he has to put up with you for the rest of his life. The most socially-awkward, embarrassing and technologically-backward person I know. The person whom I proudly call my bestest pal.

It feels like just a couple of days ago when we were still donning our uniforms, worrying about our grades, pocket money, and if our crush is replying our messages. The whole concept of marriage was nothing more than an option in “Shoot Shag Marry” or a distant fantasy we believe is a thousand years away. It’s only now as I’m writing this, that it has finally dawn on me that we are now adults. AND ADULTS GET MARRIED. DAMN! HOW DID TIME FLY BY SO FAST! This reality check is daunting, saddening and freaking the shit out of me. As embarrassing and selfish as it may sound, I don’t want us to grow old. Maybe because I’m afraid time and age will pull us apart. Like how it took away our slumber parties and random bubble tea dinners. But as I ponder on all the crazy and fun times we had growing up, it finally hit me. That maybe, just maybe, it’s time for someone else to enjoy this blessing too. Chao Zhang, if you are reading this, “you are one lucky man.”

Thank you, Pal for being the amazing person you are. You are, and will always be a big part of my life. You have seen me through all the awkward phases of my life. From awkwardly dressed teenagers to even more awkward adulthood, of which I hope we do not speak of (right?).  I have so many things to be thankful for, and I don’t even know where to begin.

Thank you for being my bestest pal. Thank you for being my 6.50am bus-buddy (which comes with much running). Thank you for supporting me up the overhead bridge whenever my legs are aching from basketball training (I know how embarrassing that it). Thank you for listening to me jabber about my stupid problems (which in retrospect seems really ridiculous). Thank you for putting up with my faults and flaws (centre-parting and Justin Bieber hairstyle included). Thank you for always making me feel like the normal one next to you. Thank you for always being silly with me, and laughing at jokes only we have the intelligence to comprehend. Thank you for 16 years of love and friendship.

You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I admire your openness, your optimism, and your ability to keep things in perspective. When it’s raining, you see rainbows. On days I find myself in a socially awkward situation, I ask myself: What would Hwa Hiang do? You love life with hope. You face adversities and you surmount them; you refuse to dwell on frustration – you laugh. I love how you smile through challenges, and how you share the goodness in your heart with all those around you. You inspire me to be a brave and loving person.

As you walk down the aisle tomorrow, I honestly don't know how I will feel. I don’t have a sister, but I guess I will finally understand how it feels like to have one. May the joy tomorrow bring shines through your entire married life. May it be a life made with understanding, romance (not the sickly kind), passion, banter, trust and faith.

Pal and Pal-Pal, I know you two will rock at married life.

Have a great one tomorrow!

With love,
Your one and only PAL