Chuan Yao + Serene

I have had some time to think about what I would write about these images. And I still have no idea. Our history, their history, our relationship, their relationship.  Where do I start?

I have known Chuan Yao and Serene since we were eight when we attended Nanyang Primary together. We have seen each other through awkward school performances, gymnastic classes, recess games, after-school shenanigans. From awkwardly dressed kids to even more awkward gangly teenagers, of which I hope we do not speak (right?). After primary school, we went our separate ways. It was year 2000. 

In 2002, Chuan Yao and I would reconnect through a telephone call, one which would ultimately change my life forever. It was the phone call that would eventually lead me to Christ. This call also led to a series of events which would define my entire young adult life. Despite being in different schools, we would hang out everyday - playing basketball, reading comics, playing NBA, listening to Jay Chou and Mayday, attending cell group, playing captains ball, modifying our phones and getting into all kind of trouble. In short, we were inseparable. Chuan Yao is my best friend. in 2005, Chuan Yao left for America.

Fast forward 8 years. Chuan Yao, Serene and I would cross path again. It was year 2010, and they would go on their first date. We went on a group outing together, and I could remember how nervous and excited Chuan Yao was. It was the first time I’ve seen him so deeply in love with a girl. So when their relationship came to light I could hardly hide my surprise and excitement. For there are not more kind-hearted well-meaning people who deserve each other. 

Chuan Yao and Serene, looking back at our primary school class photo, I can’t help but smile at this amazing journey God has brought us through. Chuan Yao, you have been the constant in our lives these 21 years. Thank you for being the best friend and brother I can ever ask for. Thank you for the call you made 16 years ago - a call we still fondly talk about. Thank you for bringing me to Christ and for patiently teaching me God’s word. Thank you for not killing me when we nearly got beaten up by a bunch of gangsters. Thank you for never giving up on me. Though I won’t be able to watch you two walk down the aisle tomorrow, I promise I will watch you two walk down life’s journey together.  

I will always have both your backs. 

Blessed Marriage, Chuan Yao and Serene. 

I love you till the deepest end of the world.