Ying Jie + Rachel

Everyone, undoubtedly, has fond memories of faded paper, and handwritten words. There is far more to these handwritten letters than we might assume: the time, the attention and the effort invested to convey one's deepest and most intimate thoughts and affections in words not often conveyed. 

Brought together by a common devotion for simple and honest intimacy and love, a group of creatives and myself decided to rekindle our passion for the lost art form by encouraging couples to write and share their letters with us. Over the week of February, we were humbled by the stories of many couples - stories of celebration, child-like love, setbacks and struggles in their relationship. Every story beautiful in their own unique ways. Making it difficult for us to pick one we loved best. 

After much deliberation, we decided on Ying Jie & Rachel's - one that spoke to us best. Theirs was a story of personal sacrifice, spiritual maturity, and unwavering love for each other. One that made me marvel at their devotion to their faith, principles, and trust in the unknown future. A maturity that supersedes their age. During the shoot, we were drowned in their abundance joy, repeated burst of laughter and gentle humility. A pair of beautiful souls whose story we were so privileged to read about and one whom we were so blessed to spend a beautiful Sunday morning with. 

Thank you, Ying Jie and Rachel! Continue to encourage others with your story and to be a blessing to those around you! <3

Floral: Whiff Florist
Ribbons: Eirene Artisan 
Rings: Liv Lov Jewelry 
Photos: Said & Meant, Adrian Seetho Photography

I believe that God has made a way for us and that you’re the one He has for me. I have so many reasons to say why I love you, but I will choose to say this: I love you because God first loved us.