Chee Hau + May Qi // Taiwan

“Where is your favourite country in the world?”

I’ve been asked this question so often that I think it’s time to make a public declaration. 

“TAIWAN - Taiwan is, without a doubt, my favourite country in the world.”

It’s often at this point when I would casually return to what I was doing, assuming that it’s an answer that warrants no explanation. Simply because it’s that good. Only to look back up, and be greeted with an obliging smile, or a look of utter confusion. 

And I often understand why. 

Regrettably , Taiwan is often overlooked because of the stigma it carries - your atypical wedding boutique location. Bright blue gown slapped against a wide green meadow. Tacky. And I don’t fault people for thinking that way, because I was once guilty myself. However, there is much more to this beautiful country than the stigma it has been burdened to carry. So much so that I have taken up a personal responsibility to discredit that assumption.

I love this beautiful country so much that I jump at any chance to photograph it. Mountains, waterfalls, woods, quiet streets, abandoned yards - you name it, they have it. The people are so incredibly nice and friendly, it forces you to be a better person. And the food.. do I even need to begin? However, among its countless reasons for greatness, it’s its quiet charm that really draws me into it. The place exudes a soothing calmness that liberates us from our daily hustle. A perfect place for personal reconciliation - be in the mountains, woods, cafe or by the beach. A place where I feel at home. 

Here’s my adventure with Chee Hau and May Qi, as we journeyed through the mountains of Tai Chung, sang to the tunes of Mayday, uncovered the hidden gems of Tai Nan, and embraced our shared love for Taiwan.