Xavier + Priscilla

Oh these two. Two of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the delight of knowing. Nearly two months after their engagement session their wedding came. And how I cannot wait to share.

Xavier and Priscilla gathered at Nosh with their family and friends to celebrate and be surrounded by love and happiness. It was the most lovely day, a day full of happy tears, hugs and kisses, against the most glorious decorations. Every piece of the day put together by the couple's  friends and family.  The details were a perfect type of simple, all handcrafted by those close with care and attention.

When all was done, Xavier stood and waited patiently at the end of the tiny aisle.  

Then they saw each other for the first time that day. First relief, then joy, then revelling in the moment, then emotions. In turns, they read their written vows. Squeezes of the hand palpitated each word spoken from the heart to the other. An observation of the other that continued well into the evening. Two people whose fates were entwined.

There were tears and laughter as words were shared and promises were made. Rounds of toasts were made to the couple whose relationship was bound by a shared life ambition, passion and dreams. Close friends sharing stories that were enjoyed by all.  A day that truly was the best day ever.

I love you two and your love for each other so much,  Xavier and Priscilla. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this beautiful celebration.