Sam & Jamie

My husband and I first knew Adrian through a common friend, but little did we know that he was from the same secondary school as my husband!

We initially thought that doing a destination shoot with a photographer we had only recently met might feel a little awkward. However, Adrian proved us wrong, he was professional yet simple, friendly and engaging. It was definitely fun and exciting shooting with Adrian. His photos brought out the best in us and he captured moments that were priceless, candid, emotional & captivating.

Though Adrian was very professional throughout his shoots, he was also very flexible with us. We never felt pressured by him at any point in time and that allowed us to be natural, causal and playful as we explored new poses while he worked his way to get the shots he wanted. If we could replay this moment over again, Adrian will always be our first choice. The entire 7 days with Adrian in Australia felt like he was automatically a part of us and we had a long bond of friendship.

Family and friends who saw our pre wedding photographs were full of praises. Not every photographer is able to capture impromptu moments through their lens, but Adrian definitely was able to.

He was our best choice ever ◡̈ no regrets!

Darrell & Jillian

Believe it or not, I knew of Adrian Seetho Photography about 2 years before I got married (I wasn't even engaged then!). I chanced upon him on my Instagram search page, and I was instantly drawn to his style of photography - the soft and gentle tones on the photo yet strong emotions all around. His photos were a beautiful juxtaposition in a tiny frame on my phone.

Fast forward 2 years later, it was time for me to choose my own wedding photographer and of course Adrian was one of my top few choices. I've met Adrian in person at my good friends wedding, so I saw him in action personally. I really liked his laid back style; working behind the scenes to capture moments that are easily looked over. But of course engaging him for my own wedding would be a different story as expectations would be higher.

One of my greatest fears was that he did not know us personally. I was afraid he would be unable to pick up on moments that were close to our heart. Not knowing us personally might also mean less flexibility with timing and more room for awkwardness. We had good experiences from our pre wedding shoot in NYC, as we were greatly blessed to have our friends as photographers and it was very natural and seamless for them to generate emotions to capture, so expectations were high for our actual day photography.

Adrian exceeded expectations (this is not a paid post!) because he is so genuine as a person. He was not there to just take photos for the sake of his job. He was there to befriend us, to get to know us in the short time frame of 5 hours, and tries hard to understand what might be important to us. With this impression of him, I knew that the photos would speak for itself what a great job he has done. It is clear in his interactions with us that this is not just a job for him, but something he really loves. Adrian was also extremely flexible with timing and accommodating to our needs.

With experience, he knows that things don't always run smoothly and the need to be flexible with timing is important to not stress the bridal party. Flexibility was a sign of generosity with his timing and that was a pleasant surprise as photographers charge by hour.

Adrian is also extremely talented in bringing out emotions in the couple and changing the dynamics between the couple, their bridal party and their family. He prompts us to think of our childhood and growing up, memories with each of our friends and together as a couple. He brings us to a quiet place for us to gather these emotions without distraction. This was very refreshing to me because it was so much more than just instructing us to smile, or laugh, or look at a different direction. Gathering my memories naturally brought me to a happy place, and it clearly showed in the photos. Clearly, emotions in a photo are important to him and this was one of the reasons I chose him over all other photographers :)

Looking through the photos, he captured more than enough memories that I could ask for. I did not realise my dad crying during the wedding, or how happy my friends were to celebrate with us. Because of his photos, my wedding memories are no longer a blur and I can remember each part vividly! This was extremely important to me because I'm not very good with remembering significant events if there isn't a physical reminder. I'm glad these photos are that physical reminder I needed :)

My favourite part of the wedding experience was time with my family and friends, and really just celebrating with them. Darrell and I had a rough and long 5 years of long distance dating before getting engaged, and we really wanted to just celebrate God's blessing and faithfulness to us with the people we loved most. Nothing else mattered - not my gown or jewellery or shoes, not my wedding decor or what people thought of it. Having a photographer understand that was heartwarming and made my experience even more joyful :)

Many individuals have asked me for my list of research on wedding photographers; but they also asked me why I chose Adrian. I always tell them that being objective about a photo isn't enough to choose your wedding photographer. If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with; and if emotions in a photo are more important than the aesthetics, Adrian is the perfect person :) You are guaranteed tear and smile inducing wedding photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life!

Therefore I'm team Adrian! :)



Chonglin & Giselle

"From the start we knew we wanted to work with Adrian - browsing through his social media profile we observed that every picture was beautifully composed, each expression perfectly captured, and every shot showcased just the right hint of emotion. We loved his ability to capture everything in the best possible way, and were incredibly lucky to have secured him as our photographer for our wedding day. 

Adrian worked well with our team of helpers and coordinated with everyone wonderfully. He was present whenever and wherever we needed him to be throughout the busyness of everything happening on the actual day, and was mysteriously able to capture the right angles, people, emotions, etc. 

Being rather shy people, we weren't always the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Adrian was experienced enough to know how to help us go beyond simply posing, but to bring the right emotions forth in his own way. He had the same effect on our family and friends as well, who all were able to be themselves in front of his camera. The end product was a set of gorgeous images that we loved and can't wait to share with all our family and friends.

We are so grateful and thankful to have been able to have Adrian be a part of our big day, not just as a photographer, but as our friend. He really is one of the best out there and we would definitely and absolutely recommend him!”